NRG Optimizer™ - SRT+™

We live in a stress-filled, chemical-burdened, wireless world. Create order out of chaos in your body’s energetic field with Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT).

Capable of producing a 70' omnidirectional range of influence via triple surface-mounted SRT oscillators, the NRG Optimizer has the greatest range and intensity of any active SRT product to date. The NRG Optimizer emits a frequency of healthy cells and can strengthen your biofield to negate the effects of chemical and electromagnetic stressors in the environment. It also provides healthy energy to a tired body and restores balance and harmony so healing can occur. 

        • Strengthen your biofield and reduce the negative effects of EMFs on your body and mind.
        • Increase performance and focus.
        • Restore your body to its natural state of harmony and health.
        • Promote healing by restoring balance at the molecular level.
        • Counter chemical and electromagnetic stress in the environment
        • Enhance cellular renewal for health and vitality.

  • The NRG Optimizer™ Training

    A series of videos and an ebook were created for health professionals to train their patients on what SRT technology is, how it works, and to answer the most common questions.  This is hosted in a CRA training app called Reveal and Heal with CRA

    Here are the steps to access the training so your questions are answered and you will know how to use the technology.

    1.  Click here for the Reveal and Heal with CRA app. 
    2.  Log in or create your account.  If you do not already have an app account, click "No account? Click here."  Enter your email and create a memorable password. 
    3.  Once in the app, locate the folder that says "SRT Training".  Click to open.
    4.  In the SRT Training folder you will find many short videos and an ebook that will answer most, if not all, of your questions.  
    5. Enjoy.

    For a brief overview, the NRG Optimizer

    …is an active form of SRT+ that employs triple surface-mounted oscillators to broadcast the technology’s array of natural, life-enhancing frequencies to improve the natural function of both the external environment and the body’s internal frequencies.

    …emits a multi-directional frequency with a range of up to 70 feet that supports the biofield of the body and the environment one lives and works in.

    …emits the frequency of healthy cells. When the body is energetically tired due to overwork or excess stress from relationships, chemicals, thoughts, electromagnetic frequencies, etc., the technology will provide the energy.

    …will recalibrate the energy of unhealthy cells by providing a healthy frequency.

    …is a technology that acts as the conductor of an orchestra. It directs, harmonizes, and tunes the body’s energy system—recalibrating and restoring healthy function.

    The Optimizer Restores Harmony in the Body

    When an orchestra is playing in harmony the sound is pleasant and the notes are vibrating at their optimum frequencies. If there is even one instrument that is playing out of tune, this affects the sound of the entire orchestra. The sound is not pleasant even when one instrument is not vibrating at its optimal frequency and playing in harmony with the others. Imagine the disharmony if multiple instruments were playing out of tune.

    The same is true for living organisms. Every part of the body is created with energy, and this energy has an optimal vibrational frequency. If the energy is at its optimal frequency and flowing with ease, the body is healthy. If there is an area of the body where the energy is not in balance—or out of tune so to speak—this disrupts the harmony and there is dis-ease.

    If an orchestra is not in perfect harmony, the conductor will work to tune each section and each instrument until harmony is restored. When the body is “out of tune”, the frequencies of the SRT Long Light and Optimizer act as the conductor of an orchestra. It directs, harmonizes, and tunes the body’s energy system—recalibrating and restoring healthy function.

    How Do I Use the NRG Optimizer™?

    Effortlessly & instantly generate a 70' omnidirectional radius of SRT3 by turning on the battery-powered Optimizer. It uses two NiMh rechargeable batteries. The unit can also be plugged into your computer to charge the batteries via a USB cable (not included).

    Once powered on, the NRG Optimizer strengthens the biofield, which in turn reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body and mind - and enhances your well-being, performance, and quality of life.

    You can place the NRG Optimizer on a table, desk, or other space where the environment has created stress. It can also be worn by tucking it into a pants pocket or near the heart by tucking it in a bra or shirt pocket. Pets are often drawn to the safe energy of the SRT technology as it harmonizes the frequencies surrounding them as well.

    Health professionals who utilize Contact Reflex Analysis® or other energy techniques may determine multiple SRT units are necessary to strengthen the biofield and the body at its molecular level. They will use their skills and expertise to determine details on how and when to use the technology. Eg. How many units? Where are they needed? For how long?

    Who can benefit from the NRG Optimizer™?

    Health Professionals: Health professionals use the ENRG Optimizer with patients to restore the balance and harmony of the body at the molecular level. The natural frequencies of your body are ones at “ease”. This is the state your cells are in naturally when there is no stress or outside influence. Symptoms, syndromes, and disease are all evidence of the body not at ease. The SRT technology is used to restore the body from the state of dis-ease back to ease.

    Individuals Dealing with Health Issues: SRT can benefit individuals whose body’s ability to self-heal has been compromised due to underlying stressors such as illness, injuries, trauma, emotional pain, loss of loved one, relationship, job, or home, toxic chemistries, electromagnetic frequencies, and more.

    30 Day Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the SRT+™ Long Light and NRG Optimizer™, which begins on the date of purchase. If you decide for any reason the SRT technology is not for you, please return it for a full refund less shipping, handling, and insurance. We do require that it be returned in new condition with no scratches, cracks, or other wear. Any evidence of wear will reduce the refund to 50% of the purchase price. We recommend shipping with insurance to cover the cost of damage or loss.

    The NRG Optimizer™ is warrantied for 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. If at any time you might break something on the unit, a repair department could take a look to determine if it is fixable. Some things can be repaired, other things cannot. A quote is given for what the charge would be for repair.


    **Effects of Q-Link SRT ClearWave on Anxiety Levels within the Classroom

    A double-blind study conducted by David Eichler, PhD, Behavioral Consultant, indicates that the Q-Link ClearWave (an 'Active' SRT product), helps to reduce anxiety experienced in students while in the public school setting. The study involved a school district in Northeast Kansas. The implications of reduced anxiety can be improved classroom performance and improvement in the overall attitude and well-being of the student.

    (Note: The Clearwave clock is no longer being made, and there was no clock replacement. The Optimizer which contains three SRT oscillators would be the recommended substitution as it is omnidirectional up to 70 feet.)

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