“God has gifted us with so many chemistries made by our spleen, liver, kidneys, and by the glands in our stomach and small intestine to help our body denature toxins from our thoughts, air, food and water. If these toxins are in excess of what we can handle, we get damaged. We get poisoned.” –Dr. Dick Versendaal

How Did I Get Into This Mess?

People often ask, "How did I get into this mess?" The answer is stress. Sustained and unreleased stress can cause all kinds of dis-ease to the body's structures, emotions, mind chemistry etc. Toxins are an unhealthy form of stress that will make your life more difficult if you do not release them; they're a major factor in illness or disease too!

One area where we experience sustained tensions - our food intake. In America there's no shortage at all when it comes to options for what foods we have access to... but unfortunately most readily available and cheaper processed junk foods contain hormones, additives, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavor enhancers such as MSG.

The body craves junk food because it is addictive. The more nutritionally deficient and imbalanced the body becomes, the more it craves any kind of food to give it energy - but this only leads to a vicious cycle where energy crashes afterwards from an excess sugar intake with no nutritional value whatsoever. That crash can lead to emotional problems like depression or anxiety as our bodies need something else besides bad foods containing high doses of sugar and toxins for its daily sustenance.

In addition to poor food choices, our environment is also inundated with pesticides, chemicals and EMFs from cell phones and computers. Daily stress uses up the nutritional reserves that are needed to function and promote healing. A healthy diet of high-quality whole food, like fruits or vegetables for example, will help replenish these nutrients that we need to heal ourselves. A lot of people, however, find this difficult as it can be time consuming and cost more than junk food. The added cost and effort cause more stress. Nutritional supplements are often necessary to provide resources so the body can heal itself.

Many people get overwhelmed by the many different types of nutrition that are needed. Dr. Dick Versendaal simplified this complex issue. He used his genius understanding of nutrition and how the body works together as a whole—not individual organs and glands, to create energetically balanced formulas for VerVita® Products.

VerVita Products is a company that focuses on providing the highest quality supplements and essential oils for your body. Their products are energetically designed to support you mentally, emotionally, and physical. You heal from within as your organs and structures are working together in harmony with one another.