“B.J. Palmer was my mentor. He taught that a subluxation is like a jack on the bumper of a car with a flat tire. You must fix the tire before removing the jack.” ~Dr. Dick Versendaal

A Subluxation Is Like A Car With A Flat Tire

"Fixing the tire" is equivalent to finding and addressing the root cause of a health issue. Dr. Versendaal was a genius at understanding how the body worked together as whole - one area supporting another, because he understood that "the obvious" was not always what caused pain or imbalance in our bodies. We need an exam from head to toe (literally).

It’s understandable that structural issues may be caused by physical trauma such as fall or accident. Yet emotional trauma, nutritional imbalances due to the environment, and other life stressors such as job loss can also cause structural issues. According to Dr. Dick Versendaal, when the spine subluxates “it is a holder to what’s left of you.” The spine will twist, turn, and subluxate to hold up a tired heart, a stressed out brain, an overworked kidney or more.

Dr. Versendaal also called the heart the queen bee. It is the center of your physical and emotional being with all organs, glands, and structures willing to work overtime or sacrifice there needs for the heart. When the heart becomes energetically, physically, or emotionally injured, the body will often find ways to compensate for its loss to maintain a healthy functioning state.

Unfortunately, these traumas may also create what’s called “energetic heart shock” causing structures such as bones, muscles, fascia etc., to twist and turn out of alignment in order to support the heart. This can lead them back into painful postures again until the heart is addressed and brought back into balance.

When the root cause of a subluxation is addressed, a chiropractic adjustment will hold. After dealing with any accident, surgery, or broken bones, always address the heart as it remembers the trauma. The structures will become holders. Once the heart has been brought back into balance, then physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and other structural management will be maximally effective - full healing can happen!