Module 1 Training

This CRA Module 1 workshop is for those who want to learn the powerful essential sequences of Contact Reflex Analysis with the intent of integrating it into their practice.  It is also for those who want to refresh their CRA skills and learn additional sequences of testing.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Test using the Contact Reflex Analysis subtle energy technique
  • Reveal the root cause of symptoms and syndromes
  • Determine What Is Needed to bring energy into balance so the body can heal.
  • Discover What Is Not Needed; those things that may be hindering the body’s ability to heal.
  • Create a Personalized Wellness Protocol for healing and continued health and wellness.
  • Analyze the Heart Reflex; Circulatory, Neurological, Immune
  • Balance the Structures that Support the Heart Using the Foot Testing Sequence
  • Learn Organ Flushing to Release Energy and Toxins
  • Identify and Support the Systems of the Body With Ease Using the Head Tip Sequence
  • Incorporate VerVita’s 10 Nutritional Products and 6 Essential Oils So Minimal Inventory Is Needed

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Additional Opportunities to Consider When Taking Module 1!

  • CRA Healer Package (save almost $1,500) This package includes everything needed to get you started with Contact Reflex Analysis. It includes Module 1 tuition, a test kit, DVDs, SRT technology and more. If you don't already have these items, you'll definitely want this package deal. 
  • Healer Package

  • Heal the Healer - Treat yourself to personal care by Dawn Ranae Hoezee or one of the CRA certified docs. Receive immediate treatment and go home with a personalized protocol. This is only open to those who attend Module 1. 
  • Heal The Healer

This means you have 3 Choices!Choose before you register.

1. One Day CRA Module 1 Training ($550 or less)

2. One Day CRA Module 1 Training plus Heal the Healer (plus $225)

3. CRA Healer Package (includes Module 1 event) 

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