The CRA Certification Journey


A Certified Practitioner of CRA® is a Doctor that has met all the training and research requirements necessary to become a licensed provider of Contact Reflex Analysis®To be certified, health professionals will be proficient in all aspects of CRA taught in both Module 1 and Module 2.  

The CRA Certification Journey is new. We had our first certification weekend in April 2021. It was our inaugural run with a small group of docs. Since that time the proficiency testing tools and requirements have been completed. It covers Module 1 and Module 2. To be a Certified Practitioner of CRA (CPCRA), one must demonstrate proficiency in both modules.  (The following photo is of our first fully certified CPCRA professionals (two not in photo).


Who May Be Certified?

Certification is for health professionals who have a postgraduate degree in the healing arts and have a current license (registered/certified) to treat and diagnose in the field related to their qualifying degree. (Examples: chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, osteopathic doctor, medical doctor, oriental medical doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist, acupuncturist, occupational therapist, psychologist, physical therapist, and more.)

Students cannot certify in CRA until after graduation and receipt of their license/certification. They are, however, welcome to complete the modules prior to graduation and are encouraged to do so to receive student pricing. Student pricing is valid for one year after graduation.

What Are the Certification Requirements?

CRA Module 1 trainings: To attempt certification, you must attend a minimum of two CRA Module 1 training seminars. One of the two may be the CRA Module 1 Online Training.  (Most CRA training weekends cover Module 1 and Module 2.)

CRA Module 2 trainings: To attempt certification you must attend a minimum of twoCRA Module 2 training seminars. One of the two may be the CRA Module 2 Online Training. (Most CRA training weekends cover Module 1 and Module 2.)

Training Timeframe: The two required trainings in Module 1 and Module 2 must be within 24 months of the Certification weekend date.

Module 1 and Module 2 Textbooks: Any of the information from these textbooks may be included in the testing process. This includes technique(s), reflex locations, sequences, VerVita nutrition and essential oils.

Focus on the Story: Testing will focus on the story of what is happening in the body.  What are the symptoms/syndromes? What are the CRA findings? What does the body require to be balanced so it can heal? Put the pieces together and explain what is happening in the body and why your management treatment will support the body so it can heal?  Focus on the heart - the queen bee as one important factor.

Submit Clinical Vignettes: Certification requires submission of three (3) clinical vignettes using the Module 1 sequences and (7) clinical vignettes using scoring and sequences taught in Module 2. These must be submitted via email two weeks prior to the certification event. Two of the ten (10) vignettes will be chosen for you to describe, demonstrate, and/or answer questions about. This may be required to be done via Zoom prior to the Certification weekend. You will receive instructions along with the Certification Application Packet. 

Register for a Certification Event:The certification weekend will consist of a written exam, presentation of two of the ten submitted vignettes (may be done in advance), and a practical exam where you will be asked to demonstrate CRA sequences and techniques. An email will be sent with details about what you will be tested on.

CPCRA Testing Fee: $1,200

6-Week Certification Prep Course (optional): $350

Sign Licensing Agreement:After completing the training and research requirements, you will be required to sign a licensing agreement. The licensing agreement states that you will be able to use the Contact Reflex Analysis® trademarks and logo to market your services.



Referral List: Those doctors certified in CRA will be on the CRA referral list. They may list areas of expertise in addition to CPCRA on their profile. Eg. QN, NET, etc.

Discounted Tuition: CPCRA doctors can attend any future CRA Module 1/Module 2 seminar at a discounted rate - currently $99/$175. 

4% Annual Rebate - VerVita Products: Get 4% back from the total of VerVita  products ordered in one year. (Annual total must be a minimum of $1000 to qualify.)

Dr. Dick Versendaal's historical seminar videos: One historical CRA seminar  video will be highlighted each month and accessed through the free Reveal and Heal With CRA training app. This is one-year free access. After one-year, it is subscription based available only to CPCRA. 

VIP events and other offers



Seminar Attendance

Certified Practitioners are required to attend one qualifying seminar every two years to maintain their CPCRA status.

Submit One Case Study Per Year

Using the same format as the vignettes required for testing, CRA Certified Practitioners will be required to submit a minimum of one case study per year.