Module 2 Training

This Module 2 CRA workshop adds the CRA Pulsing Technique/Scoring to all aspects of testing. This workshop is for those who know and utilize the Contact Reflex Analysis technique and want to increase their proficiency and add additional sequences.  It will provide hands-on experience in uncovering the deepest roots of energy imbalance and developing an Optimal Wellness Plan for those in your life suffering from the most difficult symptoms and syndromes. You will learn how to:

  • Dig Deeper Using the CRA Scoring System
  • Implement the Urgent Wellness Sequence, which contains essential sequences from Module 1
  • Integrate DD Palmers Triad of Wellness: Thoughts, Trauma, Toxins
  • Paint a Big Picture of a Person’s Current Wellness Situation
  • Notice Patterns That Provide Clues to What Is Happening In the Body
  • Test Advanced Reflexes Specific to the Heart
  • Learn How and When to utilize various CRA sequences Dr. Versendaal developed over the years.
  • Effectively Use SRT technology – When to Use SRT?  Where to Use SRT?  How Long to Use SRT?
  • Balance Emotions Using SRT, VerVita Nutritional Supplements and Essential Oils
  • Learn how to integrate other tools and techniques you may have in your personal wellness “toolbox”.
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