Module 2 Book - Printed

Contact Reflex Analysis: Balance and Harmony for Optimal Wellness builds on the foundation of "the heart is the queen bee" and expands your ability to receive even more specific intel on the root cause of a problem.

    • • Move beyond positive/negative and discover how high or low a reflex really is.
      • Utilize CRA within the Wellness Triad.
      • Narrow the scope of the root cause issue by using the Urgent Wellness Continuum.
      • Combine multiple techniques for optimal protocols.
      • Create powerful SRT protocols.
      • Find baseline health to determine best route to wellness.
  • If you loved Contact Reflex Analysis: Getting to the Heart of the Matter, you're going to eat up Module 2.

    Contact Reflex Analysis: Balance and Harmony for Optimal Wellness is the CRA follow-up textbook written by Dawn Ranae Hoezee (Versendaal). In this book, you will find more techniques and sequences to add to your toolbelt; and you will be able to give your clients more specific feedback on their health journey.

    Module 2 does not throw away the knowledge learned in Module 1, but expands upon it. The Master Heart Sequence, Foot Testing Sequence, and Head Tip Sequence can all be integrated into the new information.

    Here is a list of the chapters:

      • Preface: CRA Testing: It's Like Riding a Bike
      • The CRA Pulsing Technique
      • Pulsing and Adding Scores to Sequences
      • Testing the CRA Wellness Triad
      • Balancing Emotions with Essential Oils
      • The Urgent Wellness Continuum - Releasing and Balancing Emotions
      • The Urgent Wellness Sequence
      • Testing the Breasts
      • Combining CRA Sequences for Powerful Protocols
      • Your Body Can Heal Itself with Energy
      • Putting Together an SRT Protocol
      • Heart Priority: The Queen Bee in Crisis
      • The Five Monitors