DVD: Final CRA Seminar Taught By Dr. Versendaal (2014)

    • • Have in your collection the last seminar Dr. Versendaal taught.
      • Get clinical pearls in a manner unique to Dr. Versendaal.
      • Observe Dr. Versendaal in action as he treats a variety of symptoms and syndromes using CRA.
  • This CRA seminar in Los Angeles was videotaped less than 2 weeks before Dr. Dick Versendaal passed away in a tragic car accident on February 27, 2014. His daughter Dawn Hoezee says it was a “difficult blessing” to be able to edit these tapes and make them available because it was the last seminar she taught with her dad.

    Several hours of taping had to be cut because there was no audio. The video that was captured is a treasure for the education and training as well as evidence of the overflowing passion, heart, humor, and wisdom of Dr. Versendaal.

    Some of the sequences and topics covered on this set of 6 DVDs include: The 5 Monitor Sequence, Head Tip Sequence – Center Channel, Chronic Virus Testing, Chiropractic Releases – Towers Adjustment, Pancreas Reflex – Low Blood Sugar, Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Libido Reflex – Testing and Balancing the Libido, Heart Reflexes – Arteries, Veins, Nerves, Immune, Skin Disorders such as Melanoma, Spleen Reflex – “Youthology” and Restoration, Chronic Pain…and so much more.