Module 1 Book - printed

Contact Reflex Analysis: Getting to the Heart of the Matter teaches the foundational technique and sequences of CRA with a focus on the heart. What happens to the heart—the physical and metaphysical heart—affects the entire body.

    • • Learn the testing basics of CRA using energy testing.
      • Address the heart—physical and metaphysical heart—for optimal healing and wellness.
      • Uncover the root cause of health issues.
      • Be able to determine priority for both cause and management options.
      • Learn core CRA sequences for comprehensive testing.
      • Incorporate nutrition, essential oils, structural releases, and SRT technology
  • Imagine a man with the heart of a healer, who was invested in not just serving his patients but also educating and serving all those involved. I'm talking about Dr. Versendaal here- founder and developer of Contact Reflex Analysis. He loved the healers of the world, especially those of the chiropractic profession.

    Contact Reflex Analysis: Getting to the Heart of the Matter is the CRA Module 1 textbook written by Dawn Ranae Hoezee (Versendaal). She is the daughter of Dr. Dick Versendaal. The book introduces the reader to Dr. Versendaal and the foundational CRA technique and sequences.

    Each one of the CRA sequences taught in module 1 is powerful and comprehensive. Even advanced CRA practitioners continue to utilize the Master Heart Sequence and the Foot Testing Sequence into all other testing. It is simple. It is comprehensive. It provides powerful results.

    Here is a list of the chapters:

      • Preface: Revealing the Masterpiece
      • Dr. Dick Versendaal and the History of CRA
      • Versendaal and Palmer: The Four Rs
      • Contact Reflex Analysis: An Energy Connection
      • Revealing the Root Cause of Dis-Ease
      • CRA Testing Basics
      • Too Much or Too Little Creates an Imbalance
      • The Energy Reflex: The First Reflex to Test
      • The Fingers: Antennae and Breaker Switches
      • The Pumping Technique
      • The Heart-Brain Connection
      • The Heart Is the Queen Bee
      • Heart Person vs. Bladder Person
      • Testing the Master Heart Sequence
      • Organ Flushing: Focused Energy to Clear the Path
      • Technology to Support the Strength of Your Biofield
      • The Feet: Pumping Energy to the Heart
      • Testing the Feet
      • The Basic Head Tip Sequence