Wellness occurs when energy is balanced and flowing withease. When energy is not balanced, symptoms, syndromes, and disease can occur. Contact Reflex Analysis® is a technique that uses muscle testing to analyze the energy that flows through every organ, gland, and cell in your body. A shift in muscle response indicates dis-ease or imbalances of this subtle energy within a patient - which can over time lead to disease.

The goal is to bring energies back into balance so healing can happen naturally... With CRA, doctors have a priority-based system that allows them to integrate all their techniques and tools and quickly determine the right thing at the right time for each patient so healing can occur.

Yes, there are other techniques that utilize muscle testing as a tool to evaluate how the body adapts or responds to various stimuli. It was first introduced in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart, a genius chiropractor, and the founder of applied kinesiology (AK). Dr. Versendaal first learned about muscle testing at an AK seminar that is still being taught today.

Since that time, other techniques that use muscle testing have been developed. Some are thinly veiled copies and others offer unique and powerful ways to assess and manage a specific aspect of the body.

CRA is a simple yet comprehensive system that addresses the body as a whole by uncovering imbalances in structures, nutritional chemistry, and emotions. It does not just target one aspect of wellness.

CRA has a scoring system that enables the doctor to determine the extent of an energy imbalance as well as create the optimal management program so healing can occur.

The CRA System incorporates nutrition, essential oils, chiropractic adjustments, orthotics, SRT technology, and more as tools to address all aspects of wellness.

Doctors can integrate all their tools, techniques, and protocols into the CRA System. No expertise is wasted as CRA will indicate the right thing at the right time for the highest good of the patient.

Many CRA practitioners are chiropractors, most likely because Dr. Versendaal was a chiropractor and he loved the chiropractic profession. There are, however, many other professions that are represented within the realm of CRA: medical doctors, naturopaths, nurses, dentists, psychologists, and even veterinarians.

CRA training is offered to healthcare practitioners who have an advanced professional degree in the healing arts from an accredited college or university. They must be currently licensed or certified to treat and diagnose in the field related to their qualifying degree. Examples are DC, ND, MD, DO, OTD, DOM, LAc, NP

Students must be currently enrolled in a postgraduate program in the field related to their future qualifying degree.

CRA is not a method of differential diagnosis. It is a method of locating energy imbalances that are causing health issues. When the body is at ease and energy is balanced, the body can heal itself. When there is dis-ease, the body must work harder and compensate for the imbalance. This is when symptoms and syndromes occur. If ease is not restored, the body is in a state where disease can occur. CRA locates the areas of imbalance so the doctor can determine what is needed to restore the body to balance and ease so it can heal and maintain wellness.

When trying to understand how CRA works, it is sometimes helpful to compare the energy that flows through your body with electricity in a house. We do not typically think about what is going on with our home unless something goes wrong. If, however, there is a power outage for a couple days we notice. We have no heat and temperatures are dropping. We worry food may start spoiling in the fridge, and our electronics can no longer be charged.

The same applies for us - when things go out of balance (like those periods when you have little sleep, increased stress, and poor nutritional resources), we may become physically, mentally, and emotionally out of balance. When symptoms and syndromes finally become an urgent matter, the priority is to figure out what happened and needs to be done so the body can heal.

It is amazing that all our complex functions such as breathing, blinking, and moving from walking to running are achieved without us consciously thinking about it. This is because a healthy body can adapt according to the given situation or environment. Energy in this case flows freely—with ease. It goes everywhere enabling every cell, organ or system within the whole being live together harmoniously.

The human body can experience energy imbalances—dis-ease. Energy to an organ or system in the body might be disrupted so that it is not working at its full capacity and functioning properly. Frequencies of your natural vibrational state may be too high or too low for optimum wellness. Stress, unhealthy food choices, lack of sleep, and unhealthy microbes may contribute to this dis-ease. This creates susceptibility towards symptoms, syndromes, and if left untreated...disease.

CRA tests the subtle energy that flows through every organ, gland, and cell in the body.

In our physical universe the main known energy is the electromagnetic field. Western science has specific equipment used to measure the electromagnetic fields and waves. Yet 5000 years of study and experience speaks to the existence of another kind of energy that is not identical to the electromagnetic energy, and traditional scientific equipment cannot measure its existence.

The ancient knowledge of healing in the eastern cultures focuses on balancing these subtle energies that pervade all living things. It is believed that an imbalance of energy or an insufficient flow of that energy is the ultimate cause of disease. Just as our physical body has an organized design, the life energy or subtle energy of our body also has an organized design.

The development of quantum physics addresses this design and flow of energy starting at the molecular level. Much of our technological advances have come form the foundation work of quantum physics discoveries in the study of energy. Computers, cell phones, lasers, and medical technology, such as CAT scans, are all possible because of these discoveries. Even the MRI uses energy medicine principles.

Though physical scientists have readily embraced the theories of quantum physics, biomedical scientists have been slower to study and implement these theories. It is, however, being done more and more as there are new discoveries of energy fields at the atomic and subatomic levels.

Reflexes are portals of energy located over specific anatomical locations on the body. They are utilized as “gates” or access points through which the river of subtle energy flows. The energy at each of these points corresponds to the energy of a specific organ, gland, system, etc. These points are key to assessing the energy and restoring a normal balance and flow through the body.

People throughout the ages have experienced the structure, organization, consistency, and effects of creation. They have learned through experience what is needed for survival: sun, moon, rain, plants, etc. They sensed the energy and rhythm of all things and adjusted their lives according to this rhythm.

Those who grew crops were very much in tune to the rhythm and balance of nature. This rhythm and balance of all things is necessary for an abundant harvest and a healthy life. It was also discovered that healing occurred when this rhythm of energy was balanced and flowing freely. These were all integrated into their culture and belief system.

It is my belief that the sun, moon, stars, rain, as well as subtle energies of the universe are all unique and necessary parts of the creation that point directly to the Creator. I believe that it is our responsibility to carefully study and to utilize all aspects of creation in a way that honors the Creator and serves others.

Though subtle energy is a foundational part of our existence, not all energy techniques are viable and not all practitioners are reputable. This is true with any technique. Determining which of the many energy techniques and philosophies you will follow begins with your personal beliefs. You will most likely learn from and follow someone who most closely models your own beliefs and world view. It is the foundation for all your choices and behavior.

When researching any healing modality, one should explore the results achieved through the technique. Also, gauge the integrity and motivation of the developer by learning who or what is given the credit when healing occurs?

Contact Reflex Analysis remains the gold standard for its ability to determine the root cause of dis-ease and to determine the best protocol from all that is available to manage the most difficult health situations.

With CRA, the health practitioner can go to a remote village and determine what, if any, of the foods, plants, or cultural practices of that area will have any effect—either positive or negative on the health situation.

Here in the United States, however, we do not have a shortage of wellness products available. Dr. Versendaal researched many foods, nutrition, and technologies. Using CRA he researched the energetic effects, both positive and negative, these things had on the health of the body.

Only those tools and techniques that met the gold standard of quality and positive effectiveness were incorporated into the foundations of the CRA system. These include VerVita Products for supplements, essential oils, and creams, Foot Levelers for orthotics, and the Sympathetic Resonance Technology.

Other companies may have good products, but Dr. Versendaal wanted to keep the choices simple—not overwhelming with too many products. They also had to pass the energetic testing as being an optimal choice for balancing the body so it can heal.

Dr. Versendaal compared health care choices to driving a car. If your life depended upon taking a trip across the United States, would you rather travel through the mountains and desert in a quality SUV or a Ford Pinto (I had one of these in college). Both may get you there, but then again…maybe not. If it is your life at stake, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

The vehicle you choose could very well determine whether you will arrive at your destination and goal. Healing is also a journey, and for many, their life depends on the choices made. Choosing the best nutrition, best technology, and the health professional with the best skills available is a priority in traveling toward your goal and destination.

Yes, Dr. Versendaal researched essential oils for several decades as they No company captured the essence of balancing the body energies as he deemed necessary through his work with CRA. In 2008 he met an aroma therapist whose expertise and quality of work piqued his interest. They worked together and developed the 6 essential oil formulas for VerVita Products.

Like the nutrition, the essential oils begin with high quality raw materials and are blended together to create a synergy—balancing the energy of the body’s organs, systems, glands, and cells.