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Add A Life-Changing, Business-Boosting Technique To Your Practice

As a professional, you already have LOTS of tools and techniques in your toolkit. That’s what all those certifications and degrees on the wall tell your clients. Yet often, the most difficult facet of treating a client is knowing which tool or technique to use. You have so much in your arsenal… where should you begin?

That’s what makes CRA powerful… and practical.

Contact Reflex Analysis doesn’t only give you another tool to add to your practice. It helps you integrate the tools you already have and discern which technique works bestfor each individual client and their specific needs at that given moment.

Think of CRA as a simple framework to help you streamline your wellness toolkit.

More than that, when you learn the CRA method, you’ll discover that it can be integrated across your entire practice – from initial check-in to patient check-out and beyond.

“There is a right time for everything...” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

The simple beauty of CRA? It allows you to know (much quicker and with much more accuracy) which tool, technique, or strategy is right for your patient. Through this simple framework, you’ll know the right treatment at the right time.

No more guessing games or uncertainty.

Simply put, each of the techniques are powerful. But by putting these within the context of the CRA framework increases the healing energy and creates a whole new paradigm of wellness for the whole body: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

“Contact Reflex Analysis has changed everything about the way that I practice.” – Dr. Cari Jacobson


One Technique That Grows With You!

Whether you’ve just graduated from chiropractic school or been in practice for decades, you know all sorts of techniques to help your clients heal. The problem is knowing which one to use and why. With CRA, you eliminate the frustration and overwhelm caused by an incredibly full toolkit.

  • Become more efficient with your time (so you can serve more people)
  • Target your protocols and treatment with clients much faster and with much more accuracy
  • Streamline your process by asking the client’s body the questions you need answer to
  • Actionable steps (plans and protocols) in every potential client situation
  • Zone in past client symptoms to understand the root cause… faster!
  • Utilize all the technique you use and bring them together into one system

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Full day of IN-PERSON training in CRA module 1

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Integrate an effective system across your entire practice

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What’s Your Investment?

Most of the doctors that become part of the CRA Tribe tell us a very similar story. They’ve been in practice for years or decades… and they wish they’d found and implemented CRA long ago.

What they would tell you is simple: “Don’t wait decades to implement CRA! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Join now!”


VIP Experience

When you sign up for the Friday CRA training session, you’re also invited to join an exclusive Saturday session. This extra day of training is designed for docs who will benefit from learning to integrate CRA across their entire practice.

What You’ll Get:

  • Extra day training INSIDE a busy practice environment
  • Real-world ideas to implement in your own practice
  • Heal the healer training
  • Go home with a personal protocol