FRIDAY – JUNE 18 - CRA Module 1 Training in Cedar Rapids, IA

May 28, 2021 2 min read

FRIDAY – JUNE 18 - CRA Module 1 Training in Cedar Rapids, IA followed by “Integrate CRA & Heal the Healer” Weekend (Saturday only?) Only available to those who take the Module 1 CRA Training. This is not included in the cost of Module 1 tuition.

Date: Friday – June 18, 2021

Tuition: $550
Student: $150

Pre-Registration (ends 2 weeks prior to event)

Pre-Reg. Tuition – First Time: $395 

Pre-Reg. Tuition – Refresher: $295 

Student - $150

Module 1 Package (offer ends 2 weeks prior to event)

  • CRA Live Event $550
  • Module 1 book, printed $197
  • Module 1 e-book $50
  • Heart Sequence online training (30-day member access) $100 (annual member access is $175)
  • Module 1 online training (30-day member access) $395 (annual member access is $500)
  • DVD: Dr. Dick Versendaal Los Angeles, Feb 2014 $125
  • VerVita Test Kit $125
  • VerVita Royal Wonder Roll-on essential oil blend $57
  • Sympathetic Resonance Technology Long Light $825
  • Sympathetic Resonance Technology Optimizer $825


YOUR COST: $1950

SATURDAY – JUNE 19 – Integrate CRA & Heal the Healer

Join us at Dr. Terri Cooper’s Clinic on Saturday morning to observe how she integrates CRA into her busy practice that includes many techniques and protocols. After lunch you will be able to be cared for as a healer using CRA, VerVita products, and the SRT technology. Go home refreshed and with a protocol in hand for your continued wellness journey.

  • Observe how CRA is incorporated into a busy clinic that utilizes a variety of healing modalities.
  • Experience how CRA is used as the primary tool to determine which technique, product, or tool

to use at the exact right time.

  • Create a personalized CRA menu for your specific wellness practice and go home with a vision

for how to use CRA to organize and simplify your practice.

  • Receive a personal CRA evaluation and care using all the tools and techniques learned in Module

1 and in advanced CRA courses. These will be done by Dawn Ranae Hoezee and her team of CRA

certified doctors.

  • Go home with a protocol specific to your needs, and your continued wellness journey.

COST: $250

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