CRA Wall Chart

This CRA chart is both a work of art as well as an educational tool for health practitioners and patients alike. It pinpoints basic reflexes as well as those additional reflexes that have been taught by Dr. Dick Versendaal throughout the years.

    • • View location of CRA reflexes as you test.
      • Use the chart as an educational tool for patients.
      • Uncover the root cause of health issues.
      • Enhance the professional look of your office.
  • This CRA chart was designed in 2006. Since that time, the CRA sequences have been organized and arranged so they build upon each other instead of being separate windows into the body. This chart shows most of the reflexes, but not all. It is a combination of pieces and parts of CRA module 1, 2, and beyond.

    For those learning CRA module 1, it shows all the reflexes taught except for the three heart sub- reflexes. Most of the reflexes taught in module 2 are indicated, and aspects of the chart may be considered advanced—beyond module 2.

    Note: A new design is being developed with updated reflexes, but it will not be available until late 2021—early 2022.

    Specifics for this chart:

      • The chart is 24×36 inches for easy viewing.
      • It has an aqueous protective coating. This is not the same as laminated, which would make it difficult to ship, unroll, and lay flat again.