Bring on the Future! Experience a CRA Seminar by Dr. Dick Versendaal.

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"The future belongs to people who see possibilites before they become obvious." Theodore Levitt, economist, author 1925-2006

One fall afternoon Dr. Dick Versendaal was driving north in Michigan when he made a phone call to his daughter. He shouted into the phone, “The colors are beautiful! You should see the trees…they’re exploding with color…they’re glowing…and I just passed a sign that said, “Bring On the Future!”

What about you? Are you excited about your future? Are you able to make your patients excited about their future? For many, they are without hope, and life has become a matter of survival.

Contact Reflex Analysis is for those who have a passion to heal and achieve results beyond the ordinary. It is also for those who desire to renew their passion to heal. Discover a new level of intensity and excitement for bringing hope and healing to those who need urgent wellness care. Dr. Versendaal will help you invent your future and “see possibilities before they become obvious.” It is his passion to share his work of more than 50 years—Contact Reflex Analysis—and to inspire individuals in the vision of being part of a future that brings renewed passion and purpose to those who are healers and wellness providers.

You will learn how to assess the body’s subtle-energies and uncover the root cause of any heath situation using a simple, yet comprehensive sequence of testing.
Evaluate a patient’s emotional, nutritional chemistry, and structural status in just minutes.
From this assessment you can determine the most effective management program for each individual.
The best of science and nature are brought together to teach you how to offer your patients more than sentiment, but a practical solution and enhancement of overall health and well-being.

Don’t miss Dr. Dick Versendaal. Sign up for a CRA seminar now. His inspiring and dynamic approach, along with his passion in the field of chiropractic and Contact Reflex Analysis have made him a leader in the field of healing arts. He desires all to experience a passion and excitement overflowing with a hope that shouts, “Bring On the Future!”